"It's New Year's Resolution Time!" by Asian Female

When I was younger, my girlfriends and I would do this ritual that a friend of a friend had heard about:

1) Write 3 wishes on 3 separate pieces of paper. However, you must write down a *realistic* wish so if you wished for a million dollars, you're just forfeiting that wish.

2) Fold each piece of paper separately and place them underneath your pillow before you go to sleep on New Year's Eve. You're supposed to think about your wishes as you fall asleep.

3) When you wake up the next morning on New Year's Day, pull only one piece of folded paper out from underneath your pillow. That wish will come true in the new year.

The problem was a whole year would take so long that I'd always end up forgetting what I wished for... but the next New Year's Eve, I'd be back to writing my wishes down. It was one of those silly girlie things we used to do. It sure beats making up REAL New Year's resolutions -- this way, we could escape from holding ourselves accountable for our lives. It was much easier to believe in some magical wish than to actually create concrete action plans to obtain what we wanted.

Wishes can be dangerous. The act of wishing is a passive behavior and some of us are still bound by it. How many times do you hear people start a sentence by saying: I wish I could...

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