"How Would I Know?!" posted by Asian Female

I had to make a trip to the grocery store today because the fridge was (once again) nearly empty. It's amazing how many countless chores need to be done in order to sustain your life but that's for another post...

There I was, in the produce aisle, wearing my shades indoors because I was in a do-not-bother-me-I-just-wanna-get-my-groceries-and-go mood. I was looking for cuties -- a seedless & super sweet mandarin orange type of fruit -- then I heard some middle age woman with her husband asking the produce guy if the clementines she was holding is seedless. The produce guy had no idea, which made me ask myself: dude, aren't you supposed to be the PRODUCE GUY??!

My thought was interrupted when I heard the woman say quite loudly: "Oh SHE knows! Are these seedless??" I realized then that she was directing her focus on me. And just how did she come to the conclusion that I would know? Why didn't she ask the other person standing in the area? Because cuties are MANDARIN oranges -- mandarin = Chinese = Chinese-looking girl = Chinese-looking girl who knows all about mandarin oranges. Perhaps I should give her a lesson on tangerines too...

This goes right up there with the time my coworker asked me what she should do with a snuff jar -- uh-huh, a snuff jar -- do I look like I sniffed opium in the 15th century? No... it's because the woman who gave it to her is Chinese.
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