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Conan O'Brien in Chinatown

Austin Asian American Film Festival

The 6th annual Austin Asian American Film Festival (AAAFF) is slated to run November 12th through November 15th at the Alamo, South Lamar. The 2009 movie line-up includes 40 outstanding feature films and shorts selections from over 300 submissions from around the world. In addition, we have a wide variety of special events and film-festival related parties to pick from.

The 2009 Film Festival kicks off Thursday, November 12th with a 7:00pm screening of local filmmaker Ed Radtke’s award-winning drama, Speed of Life, followed by a one of a kind opening night party at KTV Silhouette Lounge featuring DJ Chris Klassen spinning Cambodian girl rock and other feet tapping tracks from around the globe.

VIP Badges for the festival are now on sale for $50 (the price goes up to $60 starting November 1st). Use “AAAFF” Coupon code for a 10% discount coupon on badges (until coupons last). Badge holders will enjoy:
 VIP access to all festival screenings, events and unlimited drinks @ selected …

Richard Park - Mojo Rider

Alex Ovechkin checking Evgeni Malkin into the boards

I like ice hockey, which is weird given that I grew up in DC area. I always think of hockey as a northeastern and midwestern sport. But ever since DC acquired an expansion team back in 1974, the Washington Capitals, I've been an observer and fan of my local NHL franchise. Sure, hockey is probably a third or fourth tier sport in most major metro areas. Let's face it, football still dominates most people's interest as far as pro sports goes.

But I like it, having gone to a few Caps games as a kid with my uncle. The team has been a real heartbreaker to follow, having always been a group of overachievers, and they've managed to lose in a lot of tough game 7's of the playoffs. But in the last few years, the team is much different and they have arguably the best player in the NHL today in Alex Ovechkin. It's just fun to watch this team play (of course, it helps if the team is considered one of the elite teams in th…

Weight Training for Longer Life - Mojo Rider

Unlike James, I never got into bodybuilding, but I did get into weight training. Part of my motivation was being an ectomorph growing up and my metabolism was super fast. I couldn't gain weight no matter how much I ate. I did enjoy and indulge in anything I wanted to eat, though.

Weight training was a way to work on what I felt were my weakest and underdeveloped muscle groups. In addition, I also lifted with specific goals in mind, to strengthen certain muscle groups for sports related activities. It was really more functional lifting when I was younger.

To some extent, I still do functional lifting, but today, it's mostly for trying to stay toned and to keep a level of strength. Maybe James is more consistent with his lifting, as I've lifted off and on for some time now.

As I've gotten older, alas, my metabolism has slowed down and easy weight gain has become an unwanted part of aging. With life's demands, it's easy to let a regular exercise program go out th…

Michael Chang

How to Escape a Fart

Some people having monster farts that stalk you. I once walked into a public bathroom and immediately walked out, because I couldn't stand the stench someone left in there. That disgusting fart lurking in that bathroom actually followed me out into the hallway and on to an elevator. I had to hold my breath the entire ride down.