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The CYC Experience

If you're in the DC metro area, you might want to check out a documenatary film by Penny Lee, "The CYC Experience" that premieres this Friday at the University of Maryland in College Park.

It documents the Washington, DC's Chinese Youth Club, established in 1939. Some of my older cousins were members growing up because it allowed them to participate in athletics and other cultural events. It'sa good time to get families together for their picnics and banquets and be part of the community. Their mission:

"...promotes, organizes and supports athletic, cultural and educational opportunities for Asian American youth and their families. Our goal is to promote leadership and academic excellence among Asian American youth. Enrichment also extends to the families of the Asian American youth as family members are active and involved in these opportunities."

A film synopsis:

The names may be different, but the stories are familiar: A new beginning in a new l…

Surrogate Valentine


Tetsuro Shigematsu - The Awesomeness of Your Contradictions


Frances Shen researches the impact of stereotypes on Asian Americans

Dr. Frances Shen, assistant professor of Psychology at the University of Illinois Springfield researches the impact of stereotypes on Asian Americans.

Perspectives from the Asian American Male

I stole this idea from the Minority Militant.  So if you look on the side, there's a blog roll of some notable blogs by Asian American guys.  Some of them you're probably already familiar with, like Big WoWo and You Offend Me, You Offend My Family.  But check out some of the others, like Silicon Valley Bachelor and Ben Efsaneyim.  I wanted to get a good cross section of Asian American men, everybody from fathers and intellectuals to pick-ups artists and bachelors.

White People Like to Do Yellowface

So I got an email from a reader about a club event in St. Louis called UCD!! Shanghai Showdown!. Here's what he said:

hi i am writing to you about a party that is being hosted in st louis at a night club that i feel is extremely culturally insensitive and racist. i have been trying to educate the people on facebook, but they have taken down every link i have posted and reported me to facebook for harassment. i plan on protesting at the club on friday night and was wondering if u can help me at all

the link to the event page on facebook is

UCD!! Shanghai Showdown!

and a quote from the event if u can not see it is:

"...The theme for this party is SHANGHAI SHOWDOWN, so get creative and bust out your best asian themed costumes to get your discounted admission before 12! Think geisha, ninjas, samurai, dragons, koi, pandas, or even a giant takeout box! Remember: When you dress up, you're not just at the party; you're a part of it!"

this is a 97% caucasion club that h…