How To Take The First Step Towards Perfection

Man, it can be lonely at the top...

I was out the other night for one of the Perfect Asian Dudes' girlfriend's birthday party. It was a spur of the moment thing. I wasn't familiar with her social circle so nearly everyone there was unfamiliar to me. My friend and I got to introducing ourselves and chatting up her friends for most the night. A good time overall. I talked with old friends, made new friends, took advantage of the $1 drinks, infiltrated a group of hot pharmacy students, and effortlessly got a number. Even with all the makings of a great night I still went home with a sense of uneasiness. The great time was trumped by a realization I had....most guys are effin' lame excuse-making little babies. Let me explain...

The past few years I've lived by a certain code. I decided that I wouldn't let negativity into my world. Part of following the code meant I had to surround myself with amazing people, and that's exactly what I did. I spend all my time between my family or amazingly positive fun people. In doing so, you tend to forget how "real" people are.

So when I got to mingling, I was once again brought to reality. I was introduced to two PUDs (Pretty Ugly Dudes I like to jokingly call them). Naturally, whenever a PAD talks to a PUD, the PUD recognizes the PAD status and ends up asking for advice. As always, we're happy to impart our knowledge onto these lost souls.

The first guy we met was overweight and claimed to have "tried everything" to get fit. He claims to work out 2.5 hours a day (total nonsense). As we gave him advice on how we stay so godly, we heard excuse after excuse.  We would say "Don't eat carbs", he would reply "I can't live without rice". When we say, "We only work out three days a week", he would say "You guys have good genetics". He didn't want to believe it was possible for him to lose weight.

The second PUD we talked to was having girl problems (I feel bad for you son) and claims to only date the best of the best. I didn't know why seeing as how he was a total chump. He is apparently dating/talking to a hot blond and is in competition with another guy for her heart. We go on about how he needs to go for the gold. Stop playing games and stop trying to be "Mr. I'm Too Cool" because "Mr. I'm Too Cool" loses out on a lot of opportunities. We tell him to send her a sweet flirty text and he proceeds to give us tons of resistance just on that small suggestion.  He then goes on a five minute rant about how he doesn't want to change. 

This is what put me in a mental funk. Men aren't men these days. They can be as stubborn as children.

Both cases were similar in that they could both improve upon their situations yet they automatically disqualified themselves from the start. One guy blaming his genetics and work hours, while the other stating he doesn't want to change and pretends to be completely happy with himself. People are resistant to change because they can't be honest with themselves. Being honest, means admitting your flaws. Instead, the easy route is to act like a helpless victim. The easy route ends up being the route of inaction. They allowed themselves to fall into their situations and aren't man enough to own up to it. Owning up would require making a change and we all know making excuses is much easier.

I hear it's a great read
This laziness is a result of the ego (aka our kryptonite). It's the reason PUDs exist in this world. Once you learn to master your ego, your life will dramatically improve. To conquer it requires recognizing it. Every time you find yourself being held back by internal dialogue, think to yourself, "Is my ego stopping me from doing this?" In one form or another the answer is always yes. Learn to ask yourself this question a lot but more importantly, learn to bypass the ego by taking action and doing what you want. If you're overweight, it is your ego denying the fact that you need to take drastic steps towards a healthier you. If you're afraid to ask the hot blonde out on a date, it is your ego keeping you from doing so because it wants to be protected from harm. The more you make yourself aware of this, the more you will realize how meaningless your ego can be.

You see, when you're a Perfect Asian Dude, you don't think like everyone else. We live by taking risks, not making excuses, being positive, and taking direct control of our lives. We forget that the rest of the world is not like that, so it's natural to get a little jaded. A PAD is someone who is never truly satisfied. They check their pride at the door and are on a constant mission to improve all areas of their life. That mindset is the only thing that allows them to grab the bull of life by the balls. 

Stop making excuses for yourself and start taking action towards a more perfect you. The first step towards being a Perfect Asian Dude is admitting you're not =P

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