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Today's Round Up - Jan 23rd, 2012

Happy New Year, everyone. It's the Year of the Dragon. Let's hope it's a prosperous one and the economy will turn around and give us some more positive news.

Yesterday, my Washington Capitals lost in overtime to the Pittsburgh Penguins on national TV yesterday. And once again, the play by play announcer, Doc Emerick, referred to my man Richard Park as "a native of Korea". Doesn't that imply that he grew up in Korea? Park grew up in North America, having emigrated as a little kid from Korea with his family. While it irks me to see him being portrayed as something "other" or "foreign", it's also said for a lot of European players in the NHL. And that's because they DID grow up somewhere else and it's still their home country! But Emerick has been slagged on in hockey forums as having lost his touch as a commentator. So I guess if I'm going to follow hockey, I'll have to put up with the guy.

Wow. Talk about nationalism. In…

Steve Yeun on Glenn and Asian Americans in Hollywood


Today's Round Up

Richard Park, number 12, celebrating score with team mate Chris Kunitz

So I'm watching the hockey game last night between my Washington Capitals and their rivals the Pittsburgh Penguins. My man Richard Park came back from playing in Europe and signed on with the Penguins. He's not a standout player, but a 3rd or 4th line kind of guy. If you're not familiar with hockey, each team has 4 lines and they rotate them in and out of the game on shifts. Usually your top two lines have your main stars and scorers. Anyway, at last night's game, the play by play announcer, Doc Emerick makes a comment about Richard Park as being "from Seoul, Korea". Huh?

You know, that kind of stuff just promotes North American Asians as somehow being this "other" group, still foreign and "not one of us". For those in the hockey world who know, yes, Park was born in Seoul, but as a kid his family emigrated to North America. He grew up in Canada and the US. Maybe it'…

Eugene Lee – Breathing Together – Leadership Lessons from Musical Ensembles


Idealistic Vs. Practical

So last Christmas night marked the two year anniversary of my decision to get into pharmacy. My girlfriend at the time and I decided to go on a three day trip to San Francisco. We had a blast window shopping, going out to random restaurants and just enjoying each other's company. It was our last night there and we were having some of that "after-pillow fight conversation."

She teases me and says "Honey, I want....two boys and two girls." And I was like "No." And she was like "Okay.. three kids." And I'm like...."No." And with a sigh, she breathes "Two." And then I sigh, cave in and go "Okay fine.... two kids." Without missing a beat, she throws up in my face and I'm like "Babe... too soon!"

The next morning, I rush to the nearest pharmacy to buy some Plan B. (They don't call it "the morning after pill" for nothing.) Luckily for me, it was just the stomach flu. It was pretty obvio…

10 things I've learned from working in retail

1. Retail sucks so hard it swallows. Fuck retail.
2. The waiter rule
3. People are assholes. No matter what race, there will always be some sort of bastard that will ruin your day and sometimes it feels like every customer is a dick customer. (Even though in the bottom of your heart you know it's not true.) As Dr. Cox would say "People are just bastard covered bastards with bastard filling."
4, People are stupid. See #3
5. Learn to speak and to explain things clearly: Because eventually you'll put up with a stupid person. Or an asshole.
6. You can't please everyone. Some people are never going to be happy with anything you do for them. Ever. Learn to forget about them and move on.
7. There is at least ONE super nice customer. Make small talk with some customers that are *genuinely* nice to you. Sometimes after putting up with an asshole customer you'll recognize one of them and seeing them smile back at you will help you forget about that one guy that you thought…

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