Today's Round Up - Jan 23rd, 2012

Happy New Year, everyone. It's the Year of the Dragon. Let's hope it's a prosperous one and the economy will turn around and give us some more positive news.

Yesterday, my Washington Capitals lost in overtime to the Pittsburgh Penguins on national TV yesterday. And once again, the play by play announcer, Doc Emerick, referred to my man Richard Park as "a native of Korea". Doesn't that imply that he grew up in Korea? Park grew up in North America, having emigrated as a little kid from Korea with his family. While it irks me to see him being portrayed as something "other" or "foreign", it's also said for a lot of European players in the NHL. And that's because they DID grow up somewhere else and it's still their home country! But Emerick has been slagged on in hockey forums as having lost his touch as a commentator. So I guess if I'm going to follow hockey, I'll have to put up with the guy.

Wow. Talk about nationalism. In today's Washington Post, there was a news item about a Beijing professor calling Hong Kong a "land of dogs" and "thieves". So of course, howls of anger and protest come forth from all the Hong Kongers, who view themselves as different from their mainland counterparts. So much for unity. It's the Mandarins against the Canto's....
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