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"Hi, I'm the Alpha Asian..."

Recently MaSir Jones of the blog Destroy and Rebuild decided to call it quits.  Sort of sad, really, because there aren't too many blogs devoted to the Asian American male (AAM) perspective.  Now there are plenty of AAM bloggers.  Guy Kawasaki is probably the most popular.  But there just aren't a lot bloggers who talk about and advocate for respect for the AAM. 

Plenty of AAM bloggers who talk about other things.  Plenty of AA bloggers who talk about Asian American issues in general.  But very few advocate for the Asian American male.  Ben Efsaneyim is really one of the few AA bloggers out there talking honestly and meaningfully from the AA male viewpoint.

The fact that another blog bites the dust shouldn't come as a surprise.  The AA blogosphere is coming to an end, in my opinion, and we're going to be left with just Angry Asian Man.  Phil Yu has been doing an awesome job all these years, but frankly he is just one guy.

I wanted to call it quits too, but something

Don't Mess with Asian Women


Yellow Green Beret, Volume 2

I recently talked with former Green Beret Gene Yu about his latest book Yellow Green Beret, Volume 2.  We touched upon a number of topics, such as hazing in the military and Private Danny Chen.

Another topic we discussed was how everybody knows who the Navy SEALs are (thanks Demi Moore and Charlie Sheen!), but nobody knows what the Green Berets do.  Here's what Chester had to say about the issue:

"The U.S. Army Special Forces likes to call themselves the 'Quiet Professionals.'  We pride ourselves on doing our jobs, not saying anything about it, and then just melting away in the dark like those scary blobs in the Patrick Swayze movie Ghost.  We don't brag; we don't show off...

"But I actually think that this total embrace of the 'Quiet Professional' attitude and culture hurts Green Berets.  Why?  Because nobody knows who we are or what we do! 

"I literally want to punch myself in the groin every time I've been cornered in a conversation to …

Shit Asian Girls Say to Asian Men

This is absolutely hilarious! Thanks to Ben Efsaneyim and M. Wei for this one.