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Dealing with white people

Kind of old... but whatever.

Stars Earn Stripes - tactical exercises

Celebrity cast top; Olympic skier Picabo Street getting tips

This post really doesn't have much to do with Alpha Asian issues. Well, maybe tangentially. Anyway, the much maligned reality TV game show concluded. In case you are unaware, this show takes celebrities and pits them in competition against other teams in tactical and operations-like assignments. Each celebrity is paired up with a military/law enforcement counterpart for training and guidance and they work in teams. The show has taken heat because critics think it glorifies war and trivializes what real military folks do. And I have to say that the critics do have a point about the trivialization and all and hearing the celebrities talk about their experiences is kind of goofy at times.

But I don't wish to delve into the merits of the show. Rather, I watched most of it because I was interested in the tactical assignments and marksmanship. And also, it's cool to blow shi…

Yipee Kai Yay Motherf*****

Baseball news....

Well, my man Kurt Suzuki is getting it done. Since my last post on him, he's been doing remarkably well on defense, having thrown out some players trying to steal a base, and hitting his first two home runs for the Washington Nationals.This weekend, Kurt was able to tag out a runner trying to head home from a good thrown from rookie phenom Bryce Harper out in center field.

I mentioned before that he was struggling with his hitting and sure enough, his bat started coming around. The Washington Post has an article on Kurt re-tooling his swing with the batting coaches. As of the date of that article, Kurt is hitting .421, going 8 for 19.

(Photos by Cheryl Nichols and Washington Post)

Also, the Little League World Series wrapped up the other week. It was Tennessee and Japan in the championship game. Japan took the championship on the strong pitching of Kotaro Kiyomiya who struck out eight batters in four innings. And he is a BIG kid---6'0" and 200 lbs! Back when I played l…