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In this presentation, minister Greg Hsu discusses how to lead effectively without losing who you are and how to break the bamboo ceiling.

Chinese American Psychology

One of my professors during grad school was Chinese American psychologist Ben Tong.I took a few Asian American Studies courses from him, and one course that he taught was Chinese American Psychology.  Professor Tong’s course had a profound influence on me, and you will find much of this influence in my writings.

The following is a composite article of three of Professor Tong’s writings:
The Ghetto of the Mind (Amerasia Journal 1971)
Warriors and Victims (1978)
Chinese American Culture and Identity (1998)

Chinese American Psychology

Sinologists are in general agreement that Confucian philosophy was exploited by the monarchy and scholar-official administrators as a device for social control of a numerically overwhelming peasant population in medieval China.
With a vigorous revival (later known as Neo-Confucianism) in the Tang dynasty, Confucian moral philosophy was exploited as a state ideology for (a) justifying centralized rule and (b) for the subjugation of aboriginal tribes, particularly t…

Getting Big on Body Weight Exercises

Q: Can an Asian male get big by doing only body weight exercises?

-J. Yu

My Answer: You can, but it's very tough.  You're going to have a much easier time getting big off of barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells.  I get this question all the time on my strength blog.

There's a number of reasons for why it's more difficult to get big solely off of calisthenics.  For one thing, most people think of calisthenics as just push-ups, pull-ups, air squats and crunches.  There's a lack of variety in people's minds when it comes to body weight exercises.  In reality, there is a wide variety of calisthenic exercises, but most people don't know more than a handful.

In order to grow bigger, you have to expose your muscles to a variety of exercises.  You can certainly work on just push-ups and abs and get toned triceps and abs, but your overall musculature will not be very big.

The other mistake people make when doing just body weight exercises is that they do super high reps. …