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High Tension, Big Muscle

Q: I am a constant reader on the T-nation website, and I came across the Shotgun Method and then clicked on your blog at the bottom of the page. I kept reading on about different programs and saw the 10-8-6-15 Program. I am thinking of trying it out, but do you think I could make good gains? I have been doing 5x5 Starting Strength for 8 months and have gained around 11-12 kilos. Was 50kg when I first started, and now I'm at 62~ kg.

In addition, what's your view when changing programs around? I got bored of 5x5 and then I changed to a split routine, but I haven't quite found what's best suited [for me]. How many times do you think someone should change their program up, and how should they change it up? What's the time frame one should stay on a program?


My Answer: I'm a firm believer in changing programs often, especially if you are an intermediate to advanced lifter. Intermediate lifters should be changing their programs up every 2-3 weeks, but it dep…