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Total Body Power

Q: Thanks for all you do. Reading your writings is always great fun and extremely informative.

I have two questions I hope you will find the time to answer. It'd be highly-appreciated.

1) Is it true that the back squat (only the back squat or other variations or other exercises, too) increase total body power despite the fact it does not directly work all of the body's muscles?

2) What is your opinion on the Farmer's Walk exercise for total body strength development?

Thanks again!

All the best,

My Answer: Well it depends on what you mean by "total body power." If you talk about nerve force, then yes, the back squat will generate the most nerve force, because people are capable of lifting the most weight on the squat (provided they practice the lift).

Now if you're talking about total body power relevant to real world situations, then the back squat's relevance pales in comparison to the front squat and the deadlift. These 2 exercises hit more muscle group…

Building Strength: One Set Per Exercise

Q: "Hey James, I love your blog. I'm a 33 year old ectomorph whose been lifting off and on for 15 years or so. I've found that the normal two body parts a workout doesn't seem to work for me. I make progress slowly. However, I recently purchased a powerbar for pull-ups, pushups and dips, along with a mini bench and 50 lb. dumbbells. I've been on a Pull-up, Pushup, dip, press (with dumbbells) 3 sets each for a month now, and I see good progress.

"I was wondering what you thought about going to the gym and doing an entire body workout: one set each exercise? For example: 10 reps squats, 10 reps bench press, 10 reps lat pulldowns, 10 reps curls, 10 reps close grip presses, 10 reps back rows, 10 deadlifts, etc. Is this overkill 3 days a week? Sorry for the long question, I wanted to give details."


My Answer: Doing 1 set per exercise three times per week is much better than 3 sets done once a week. You will gain strength quickly the more frequently yo…

Getting Stronger Without Getting Bigger

Q: "Hope all is well. I started reading Neo-Classical Bodybuilding, and I'm learning a lot of important aspects on how to come up with the ultimate bodybuilding program. The book is great!

"Recently, I've been eating a little less than normal given that I was gaining too much body fat. I have an ectomorph body type, and I've been losing the weight like crazy. My arm size decreased by ¼ of an inch in about a week. The funny thing is, is that I'm constantly lifting more weight every workout (I keep track of how many sets and reps I do for each workout). I workout 4 times a week: Sun, Mon, Wed and Friday. 

"I did what you suggested your readers to do in Strength and Physique: The Articles. I chose 3 different exercises for a muscle group and spread the exercises throughout the whole week. So, every workout, I attack the muscle using a given exercise I chose from the 3 I picked for my program. The reps and sets for each exercises change every workout t…