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Your Uncensored Asian Male Dating Guide: The Guide That Racists Hope You Never Read

The following guest post is by Yun Xu of

You are here for the same reason I'm here. We have seen deeply disturbing behavior in our fellow sisters, brothers, and over-privileged racists. As much as I value discussion , I see no actionable advice being offered. So, I wrote a guide and I hope that my fellow Asians benefit from this.

Some of us feel this problem is insurmountable and I don't blame you. It's soul crushing to hear an Asian girl hate on good Asian men and run into the arms of a "me love you long time" racist. However, I want you to consider a different point of view.

Accelerated evolution

This is trial by fire. It's a test of our resolve to grow and fight. There is no "love conquers all" bullshit. Your enemies weaponize the media to spread lies about you, but these lies have only worked because too many of us have failed to improve and more importantly, fight back.

I hate the cost that this war has inflicted upon us, but i…

Exploring Asian American Male Stereotypes

Asian guy cheers up girl by picking her up at school with his Lamborghini Aventador

Hey guys I'm still alive, just going through some stuff. Heartwarming video of an outstanding Asian male gentleman. Full description in the video link. 

Diminishing Sets for Size, Strength and Muscularity

Q: Firstly, thank you for all of this information. It has proved to be invaluable reading!

I've started doing the Hypertrophy for Ectomorph program, but I'm finding that with the 3 minute breaks between sets, it's taking too long for me to perform in the time I have available. Would you recommend doing the sets as circuits (IE: all the 10 reps, all the 8 reps etc) or is it okay to reduce the recovery time between each set?

For your information, I'm 6'2", 176 lb, I'm relatively fit (used to doing LOTS of cardio - mainly distance running and cycling) but new to weight training and have around 8% body fat - not sure how much of that is relevant!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks again!

My Answer: I know it's very tempting to turn your strength training workout into a cardio workout, since you come from an endurance background. However, it's important to keep the rest periods long enough for your nervous system to recover and for you to build stre…