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Pull-up Power

Q: James, thanks for your training wisdom. Yes, pull-ups for me is a problem. I have to do them at work hanging from a support beam. It's tough. My fingers can't go around the wood since it's a beam, so I have to cup them on top, then pull myself up. It works, but it's not easy. I still train at home, and at 57 I'm doing OK. I have to improvise a lot.

Thanks again for your updates.

My Answer: Well Bruce, if you're doing pull-ups on a support beam, then I say you're doing good and kicking the asses of guys half your age. You got to work with what you got, and sometimes that's better for you. In my starving student days, I used to workout at a playground, which had a 3 inch thick pull-up bar for kids to hang on. I did pull-ups on that. Scared a few soccer moms, made a few pint sized friends.

Even though it was initially difficult to do pull-ups because of the thickness of the bar, I kept doing it. So when I joined a gym and performed pull-up…

Representations of Asian Americans on reality TV shows

Recently a UC Berkeley student named Kay interviewed me for a research project on representations of Asians/Asian Americans on reality TV shows.  She was nice enough to provide me with a transcript of our interview:

Kay: Well, to begin, I really want to thank you for taking the time to interview with me. Again, like I said, this interview will be about 45 minutes to an hour long, so I really do thank you. My topic is gendered representations of Asian Americans and Asians in reality TV shows.For this assignment, we are asked to interview someone who can provide insight into our topic. After the interview, we reflect on it and provide any new insight that we might find and list the pros and cons of the research method. So, that’s the reason why I would like to interview you. 

James: Can I ask you a question? Kay: I’m sorry? James: Can I ask you a question? Kay: Yes, of course! James: How did you find out about my blog? Kay: Well, um… I… (2 second pause) I can’t remember actually. (Laughter) …