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Getting Stronger a Little Bit Every Time

Q: "Just finished Strength and Physique, Volume One. Great book. I am interested in trying the 6 Factors Program. I have a home gym, but I don't have a leg extension machine or a cable stack. Would lying band curls be a good substitute for lying cable curls?

"As for finding a replacement exercise for leg extensions, what do you think of walking backwards on an inclined treadmill? I know it sounds strange, but it really works the quads. Set up is simple. Set the treadmill to a high incline (20 to 30 degrees) and a decent speed. Hop backwards onto the side of the treadmill and while holding the rails carefully move onto the treadmill and start walking. Hold onto the rails the whole time. Its kind of awkward at first, but a minute of this will leave your legs burning. The motion kind of mimics that of a leg extension with a shorter range of motion.

"Do you have any other recommendations for leg extension alternatives?"


My Answer: Backwards incline walking …

Friends vs. More Than Friends

Muscle on Barbell Exercises and Calisthenics

Q: I have bad nutrition, because I am 15 and can't cook. I eat Asian food my aunt cooks and white rice. I am skinny: 5'6" 128 pounds. I have small muscles and about 10-12% body fat.

I have two 15 pound dumbbells, a pull up bar, and 5 resistance bands. Any tips or ideas on achieving my goal? Should I buy anything like an EZ-curl bar or a bench press thing? I'm new to bodybuilding. I don't see [any] gains.


My Answer- Well Max, a lot of us have been where you are: a skinny teenager living at home eating whatever's on the dinner table. The good news is that your teen years are an optimal time in which to gain muscle. You've got testosterone pumping at full capacity. It's a wonder how any of us guys learned anything during high school when a boner popped up every minute.

Anyway, as far as equipment, what I suggest is that you get a barbell with some plates to load on. If you're able to work out at a school gym, then go ahead and do that. …