The Asian American Journalists Association 2014 in DC

There is a hotel on the same block as my work place and on occasion, I go to the Starbuck's in the hotel. Other times, I stop into the hotel to take a break and walk around this small eatery connected to the hotel. This week, I discovered just by chance that the Asian American Journalist Association was having their annual convention.

Moreover, I kind of  crashed some of the convention. Hey, I blended in, so why not hang around and pick up conversation threads? I actually didn't talk to anyone though, I didn't want to get caught as not being a journalist! But today, I unknowingly caught part of a break out session in one of the hotel's meeting rooms that was moderated by Phil Yu from Angry Asian Man. Also of note was C-SPAN was filming it. The panel touched upon some interesting things about Asian American media representation.

Furthermore, speaking of representation, I noticed from the crowd that it seemed as if there were more women than men. It sure would be nice to see more Asian males getting into broadcast journalism rather than just print or digital media. I actually walked through the career expo, which had representatives from CNN, NPR, Comcast, Fox. Interestingly, I saw pretty much only women going to the booths. Perhaps there just aren't any opportunities for the men to get into broadcast news as there are for the women? I can only think of two male national broadcast journalists: John Yang at NBC news and Richard Lui from MSNBC.

Anyway, you can watch the panel discussion here:
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