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Chinese In Mexico




Doctor's Life-Saving Research DESTROYED


Interviewing Alpha Asians

"Great book James!I found your blog earlier this year :) and I shared it with my friend at city college.  I let him know I picked up your Strength and Physique book online.  

"Just curious: How'd you get in contact with all the Asian role models you blog about?"


My Answer: How'd I get in contact with all the Asian role models I blog about?  Same way you're contacting me: email.  I just identified some interesting people I wanted to interview and sent them emails.

Sometimes people email me for an interview.  I get a lot of artist, film makers, writers, activists and content creators wanting to showcase or promote their movie, video, blog, YouTube channel, book, charity, etc.  They usually say something to the effect of:

"Dear Alpha Asian,

You're Asian. I'm Asian.  Don't you hate the lack of Asian representation in the media? I just made a [movie/video/book] about Blah-blah-blah, yakity-smashkity with Asians.  

I'm free for interviews.  P…