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Reader Mail from an Aussie Asian

"Just dropping a line to say that I've been enjoying the Alpha-Asian blog, especially the FunTwo guitar clips, the Korean American Hitchhikers and The Better Asian Man blog links. It's really interesting to read about American/Western Asian cultures and thoughts. I'm always impressed at how Americans are very good at marketing and self-promotion, whereas the Asian nations tend to be more humble and noble. I'm in Australia, and our Aussie culture tends to be in between the two.

"The thing about being Asian here is that it's not as distinct as (I believe) it is in the US. We don't get the negative stereotyping in the media as much as what I've heard and seen in the U.S. Maybe our culture is generally tolerant with the mixture of different backgrounds. BTW, this is generally true for Sydney city. There are other places where the residents are not as tolerant or friendly, but that's alright."

-Steve, Sydney

My Answer: Glad you like the …

Ping Pong Playa and Recent Asian American Films

So here's a new movie out in limited release called Ping Pong Playa. If it looks good to you, then check it out and post a review here.

Speaking of Asian American movies, here are some notable ones of recent years:

Finishing the Game- I'm really suprised more people didn't like this film. The comic timing by actors and by director was hilarious. The mockumentary does a pretty good job of critiquing Hollywood without being too preachy. in fact, it's quite funny. I think some people just didn't get this film, because: 1) they didn't grow up in the 1970's watching Bruce Lee films and cheesy knock-offs 2) most people just don't the see the racism in Hollywood casting, so most viewers will wonder "what the hell is this movie alluding too?" I think you'll enjoy this if you're an Asian American dude who grew up in the 1970's, watched Kung Fu theater and took Asian American Studies in college. This is very much a niche film.

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