10 Op Orders for the Alpha Asian

These are some of the life lessons I try to live by. It took me years to figure some of this stuff out:

1) Be honest with yourself. It's one thing to be dishonest with others, but nobody respects a person who is dishonest with himself. Know what it is you ultimately want. Don't bullshit yourself and say you want one thing, when you really want another. Be very objective in your self-analysis.

2) Learn to focus, and focus on the right things. You may have a lot of lofty and grandiose dreams and ideas, but if you can't focus on doing the daily tasks that help accomplish those dreams, then you are of no use. Learn to focus on a few activities, and do those activities well. Just make sure that whatever activities you are engaging in are meaningful and will result in measureable and desireable outcomes.

3) No regrets, no guilt. I don't ever feel guilty. You know why? Because I don't act stupid in the first place. If you feel guilty, then it means you were too stupid to refrain from performing the regretful act. Guilt helps no one after the fact.

4) Minimize the negative, maximize the positive. The Chinese metaphor for life is war. This means life is always lived strategically and tactically, and to do this, you must always minimize the negative and maximize the positive.

5) Commit to your goal, not your methods. Life is a series of battles, however, and each battle is situational. Learn when your strength can become a liability and when your weakness can be transmuted into a strength. Go with the flow. What is important is your goal, not your methods.

6) When you commit, commit totally. When you make a choice and commit to a course of action, perform the action with confidence. Commit fully, and you will succeed. Hesitate, and you will fail.

7) Reward well, punish swiftly. Avoid passive-aggressive behavior. Nobody respects a person who stews over an incident, but did not have the confidence to address the perpetrator the moment it happened.

8) Always prepare, always be prepared. Don't allow yourself and your loved ones to be placed in bad situations. Take ownership and avoid bad situations in the first place. Win every battle before it is fought.

9) Be information dense, word sparse. Words carry more weight, when one speaks less. If you want to get your point across, then be direct. If you want to listen, then be vague.

10) Do what you like. Be happy, stupid! Why make yourself miserable? What good are you if you're the human equivalent of Eeyore? Don't wallow in self-pity. Act. Do what you like.

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