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Tammy and Victor Win, Asian Nerds Rule!

Wow, absolutely amazing. Congrats to Tammy and Victor Jih on winning the Amazing Race. The both of them really shined through and worked well as a team. In a way, it was good that they went through that meltdown in Romania early on in the race. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and they took that lesson and learned from it. Their bond as brother and sister became stronger, and their teamwork was unstoppable as a result. I was really impressed at how Tammy just kept pulling that pig, and Victor used just the right amount of "push" to get his sister going but not break her spirit.

And Victor: wow, talk about calm and cool in the face of pressure. He didn't panic, and slowly caught up to Luke and surpassed him in the surfboard roadblock. Tammy and Victor winning is like vindication for all of the overachieving Asian sons and daughters out there. Congrats, guys!

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