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Alpha Asian New Years Resolutions for 2010

-by anna123

What are your New Years Resolutions for 2010? According to Wikipedia, a New Year's resolution is a "commitment to a project or behaviour, often a lifestyle change that is generally advantageous" made on New Years Day. As much as we all would like to achieve all the goals we set each each year, research has found that while 52% of people are confident of success with their goals, only 12% actually achieved their goals. (

There's numerous site on the internet offering suggestions on how to best maximise your potential in achieving you New Years Resolutions, but there are three themes that are common to all of them. These are;
. 1BeSpecific; The more specific and detailed the better.
2 Be Realistic; Achieveable and realistic goals set yourself up for success.3Be Accountable; Keep yourself accountable, and measure yourself against set goals.
As a young and determined Alpha Asian, yet to make my mark upon the…

When Shogun Came to America

Respect in a Name

My Interview on BAM

So I recently did an interview with Will from Better Asian Man. We discussed The Alpha Asian Mindset, and Will had this to say:

"James, I just finished your book, and I gotta say that I really enjoyed it. At a couple of points in the book I had to stop to take action, because you drilled it in so many times. Here are the things I put the book down to do while I was reading it:

1. Logged on to my library on-line account to place a hold on Refuse to Choose
2. Create a new Google doc entitled "Alpha Asian 3-5 Method," where I outlined my 5 long term goals, and my 5 tactical goals
3. Open my weight lifting journal and plan out a new new strategy based on your recommendations and principles in Chapter 8

I just got so juiced up by reading your book, that at those points in time I literally said to myself, "I gotta do this right now," and I put your book down, took care of that item and then picked it back up to read some more."

Will, has an interesting backgroun…

Young Boy Showing Off His Hip-Hop Skills

All I can say is, "DAAAMMNNN!"

A Perspective On "The Key Is To Emotionally Involve Others-But How?" by anna123

Hi to AMR, and welcome as a new blogger to the family of Alpha Asians!

The following is an opinion piece response to AMR's previous post:

On "The Key Is To Emotionally Involve Others-But How?" .
Everyones got their own ideas, that what they believe is the best way. I agree with AMR that the most effective and long lasting change has always been inclusive. Good leadership is inclusive, and power is effectively demonstrated when people who don't have anything to gain are believing in your message (like Asians believing in white Hollywood propaganda). For Alpha Asians, I think there seems to be two ways to convert apathetic Asians and whites/non-Asians to our side: culture and increased population.
Increased Population
Asians need to increase our population numbers in the West so that we become the statistical norm, or at least reach high enough numbers to reach critical mass and affect tipping points across sections of society. More people = more power.

I believe this is one…

An Aside: The Internet and the Fundamental Nature of Information Dissemination

The internet is, in its own way, an amazing and revolutionary medium for communication.
But it does have its own set of drawbacks - the principle 'trap' being that it is still an 'active' viewing experience for the average, uninterested viewer/audience.
How is this bad, you say? Many people claim that they want an active 'online experience'. But people forget that this applies only if the audience in question desires to be presented with the information, to begin with.
In two words, the key is initial interest.
Is it a cold lead, or a warm/hot lead?

For example, a gear-head is going to be extremely receptive to an interactive automotive website. But for him to even bother looking at a site about Asian-Americans, the experience had better be as passive as possible - yet as attention-grabbing and emotionally engaging as possible - for it to even register as a blip on his radar.
Unfortunately for us, Asian-American male issues aren't exactly a mainstream 'hot to…

The Key is to emotionally involve others. But how?

Hello to everyone!

I am the latest guest blogger on Alpha Asian, here at the invitation of James. Nice to meet you all. I just wanted to get my feet wet on this blog and start with something fundamental. It's also more of a question/call for ideas than a statement, so I do hope that it speaks to you - and I especially hope that you can all pitch in.
- Your humble first-time blogger, AMR.

Tell me and I'll forget;show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.
- Chinese Proverb goes the saying, and it has probably survived all these years to become a popular proverb because it rings so true across all walks of life.
Almost anything we do in our lives involves the transfer of information and ideas to an audience - from job interviews and sales pitches or getting elected into office, to asking a woman out, and to convincing a friend to do something fun on a Saturday night.

Trying to spread awareness about Asian-American male issues is no different, and the key …

Reader Mail: Greetings from another Alpha Asian

I came across your site while looking at Minority Militant and read [your] articles from [the] Alpha Asian and your strength and conditioning [blog]. My name is RJ, and I am also an alpha Asian American. I've served in the Army (honorable discharge) and have a bachelor's in psychology and am now working on my master's to become a psychologist. Also I am studying for my CSCS.

Your work is needed, and I've ordered a copy of Alpha Asian from Amazon. I am contacting you, because I too feel the need to make more Asian Americans into Alphas. But I fear we have our work cut out for us. I have a daughter and don't want her to put up with the racist manure that I and so many of "us" have.

In addition I too am an author and will include your tome in my meager writings. I am planning to be published first in two psychological journals, and the theme will be racism in America directed at Asian Americans. There are a million things I could write to you about, si…

Blending into your Landscape

So here's a comment that caught my eye at the Single Asian Man blog:

For the most part, all AA’s are the same. And most just strive for what everyone else wants – nice house, 2 car garage, 2 kids, yard, decent job that pays the bills, middle class, go to church maybe, not break any laws and pay your taxes, and be a good nice citizen/neighbor. All AA’s care about is what’s inside their little bubble – anything beyond that or outside of that, it’s irrelevant and unimportant. If it doesn’t have anything to do with us directly, we don’t care.

That’s pretty much it. None of us strive to be some CEO of a fortune 500 company, none of us date supermodels, or become rock stars, and none of us travel the world and see the 8 natural wonders of the world. All we want to do is live in our little bubble, commute to work, eat out sometimes, hang with friends, play poker, drink at a bar, and come home, hope to get some sex from the wife, and go to sleep. And the entire cycle repeats next morning.


Love Pearls-A Story of Discovery-Part 3 by anna123

How Are Love Pearls Implanted? There are two current methods for implanting Love Pearls used in Asia. The Piercing technique and the Implant technique;
Piercing Technique
In the Piercing technique, a large gauge piercing needle is used to create a hole in the shaft of the penis. A taper is used to enlarge the hole to implant the bead, which is pushed in by a second rod. The incisions are then closed with either a standard suture or butterfly bandage. (Lim KB, Seow CS, Tulip T; Artificial Penile Nodules; Case Reports; Genitourin Medical Journal 1986;62:123-125) Implant Technique In the Implant technique a single incision is formed in the skin using a scalpel, and a spatula is inserted into this incision and used to create a pocket under the skin. Beads are then pushed into the pocket which is then sutured or bandaged closed. (Lim KB, Seow CS, Tulip T;Artificial Penile Nodules; Case reports; Genitourin Medical Journal 1986;62:123-125) Why Get Love Pearls Implanted? Anthropological resear…