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Podcast at Big WoWo

So a couple of nights ago, I was the guest host and moderator for the Big WoWo podcast. Byron, the blogger of Big WoWo, normally moderates these podcasts, but he wanted to debate with the guest, a controversial blogger who goes by the moniker the "Asian of Reason." The guy is... oh... I don't know...


He says he's a Chinese American student at Johns Hopkins University who believes in the concept of "human biodiversity." Sounds like a benign term, but HBD is essentially a neo-eugenics philosophy. Picture forced sterilizations, Gattaca and Brave New World.

I looked through his blog to prep for the podcast, and I found some of his posts pretty funny. When I was talking to him during the podcast, I thought this guy was playing a character, like Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies.

But I don't think what he is writing is satire. This guy believes in this stuff that he writes. This guy is one of those bizarre WTF Asians, like Mongol Nazis, Kore…

Hostages Taken---Man Down

Ok, I live out in the DC suburbs, Maryland to be exact. I get called by my brother while I'm at work here reviewing an affidavit, telling me I might have trouble going home after work because of a hostage situation in the Discovery Channel headquarters in downtown Silver Spring, MD. I live north of that area. Some Asian guy is holed up in there with hostages. Oh, great. Had to be an Asian guy. How nice.

One of my college buddies is a senior vice president who works for Discovery. I'm thinking of who I can call, who do I know in the Montgomery County Maryland Police Department to get the 411. I know some MCPD guys on the task force but they're in narcotics. They wouldn't be involved in this hostage situation. I check the TV in the conference room at work. There are plenty of MCPD uniform rollers out there. I have to laugh because that's what patrol guys and gals do. If they hear something interesting coming in over the radio, they all want to jump in on it!