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Time Machines, Zombies and Asian American Cops

It's been awhile since I've posted an original entry, one where I share my thoughts instead of showcasing a video. I've been extremely busy with family and work. Raising my daughter is kicking my ass, so much so that I really don't have much energy or motivation to do anything else, even when I'm lucky enough get some free time to myself.

Reminds me of a scene from the movie The Time Machine. A 19th century inventor of a time machine (played by Guy Pearce) repeatedly travels back in time to prevent his fiance from being killed. But every time he travels back and tries to alter the past, he's unable to prevent her death.

So he travels to the future to find a scientific answer as to why he can't alter the past. In the future he meets an uber-Morlock (played by Jeremy Irons) who has telepathic abilities. The uber-Morlock reveals to the Time Traveller the reason he can't change the past:

Now I'm not saying my family is holding me…

Ichiro And Sandra Bullock Donations for Japan Earthquake Relief

In contrast to how others reacted to the Japanese earthquake, it was nice to see some folks such as baseball star Ichiro quietly donating a little over $1 million dollars for relief efforts. Actress Sandra Bullock donated $1 million to last year's Haiti earthquake relief and has once again donated $1 million for Japanese relief. Of course, they and other celebrities have the means to donate generously and obviously they felt the need to do something good for the less fortunate--an act of kindness, coming from a sense of sympathy.

It's not just the rich celebrities who have that sense as well.

Even dogs have a sense of sympathy. These dogs were found by a TV crew who thought the dogs were dead.

The translation of the crew's dialog:

We are in Arahama area. Looks like there is a dog. There is a dog. He looks tired and dirty. He must have been caught in the tsunami. He looks very dirty.

He has a collar. He must be someone's pet. He has a silver collar. He is shaking. He see…

CYC Experience update

I got some stats for the event from my cousin Tom.

Attendance: 420
Raised over $25,000 for the Melanie Lee Easley Memorial Scholarship Fund

I didn't know this but Melanie was an intern for Tom's company.

I should also list some of the other notables in attendance at the premiere. Some key people at the affair:

- Dr. Wallace Loh, President of UMCP...first Chinese-American to head up this large a university
- Kevin Born - President of the Chinese Youth Club (CYC)
- George Wu - Executive Director of the Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA)
- Penny Lee - Filmmaker of The CYC Experience
- Ursula Liang - Filmmaker of the documentary 9Man (Chinese volleyball)
- Nicolette Yeh - President of the UMCP's Chinese Student Association

Some more photos of the event:

View of the attendees; that is me at the far right, not wearing my coat for some reason.

Film maker Penny Lee

Tom Fong and Penny with CYC Founder Art Ping Lee at the left

Penny Lee with Tom Fong

The CYC Experience Documentary Premiere

A quick review of the premiere:

The event was held at the elegant alumni facility at the University of Maryland. It was a black tie optional event as well and I had to get out of my business-casual clothes and actually clean up for a change. There were roughly some 400 folks in attendance and I believe the fundraiser helped collect about $25,000 for the Chinese Youth Club of DC and for the scholarship fund. (I'll hopefully have more photos to post later and to make sure my stats are correct about the fund raising event).

In addition, University President Wallace Loh was also in attendance for the premiere. I thought that was nice of him. Previously, Dr. Loh was formerly provost of the University of Iowa.

The film maker, Penny Lee, had some great interviews of people involved in Chinese Youth Club (CYC), which was started by Art Ping Lee in 1939 in Washington, DC and it was pretty amazing to see how much it has grown. The sense I get out of its mission was that founder Lee’s vis…

Korean Americans on Love

Thanks to Big WoWo for this one. Check out this candid discussion on love and relationships:

Here are some notable quotes from the discussion:

At 2:15 Nancy Lee (the girl on the left) says, "About relationships: I don’t have a preference really, but for some reason Asian men don’t really approach me."

I'm looking at her going, "REALLY?! You've got to be shitting me?!"

But then again, I have heard this complaint from many different Asian women: that Asian men don't approach them. Some of these Asian women then think they're not good enough or don't measure up in some way.

At 3:19 Danny Cho says this about making relationships work:

"It’s not a chemistry thing for me, it’s a compromise thing. It’s a whether or not I believe in this relationship enough that I’m going to make my sacrifices and be selfless to this person."

I think this is very true, and most couples fail to take this into account. The chemistry of a relationship changes over…