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9 Laws of Power for the Alpha Asian

I run into a lot of nice guys. And being that I'm Asian, I know a lot of nice guys who happen to be Asian. There are 2 types of nice guys:

1) Nice guys that everybody respects (nice guy alpha).
2) Nice guys that nobody respects (nice guy beta).

Nice guy alphas tend to be leaders who lead with a gentle but firm touch. Their word is their bond. When they say they will do something, they do it. They are decisive and confident in their actions, because they adhere to clear moral and ethical principles. They consider all options, but they don't waffle or hesitate. They're not overly aggressive or abrasive in their style. They are gentlemen in every sense of the word.

Nice guy betas are best described by this Heartless Bitch with plenty of experience with supposed nice guys:

"What's wrong with Nice Guys? The biggest problem is that most Nice Guys (tm) are hideously insecure. They are so anxious to be liked and loved that they do things for other people to gain acceptan…

10 Things Asian Dudes Need To Stop Doing Right Now!

We love seeing Asians making progressive strides in society. It gives us a warm feeling when we see an Asian dude and can think to ourselves, "That right a Perfect Asian Dude". Unfortunately, this is few and far between. So we wrote up a list of our current Asian dude pet peeves. Without further adieu, here is our list of 10 Things Asian Dudes Need To Stop Doing Right Now!

1. Being an Armani Exchange hoarder. It's our firm belief that a dude should never spend more money on clothing than their sisters. It's not a crime to wear colors other than black and a billion shades of grey. A similar case can also be made for Abercrombie and Hollister hoarders.

2. Executing the "Chin Up Stare Down" picture pose.

Step One: Throw up gang signs.
Step Two: Tilt chin up and stare down.
Step Three: Make sure not to smile.
Step Four: End up on a blog with the ridiculous ass photo you've just created.

Favorite Asian American Books of the Past Ten Years

It's only five days until Christmas. Have you got your shopping done? If you're looking for some last minute holiday gift ideas, then consider these books for your hipster friend or family member who's into all things Asian American (AA).

My 3 favorite AA graphic novels:

My favorite AA mystery trilogy: Leonard Chang's Allen Choice Trilogy.

Over the Shoulder
Fade to Clear

My favorite book on dysfunctional AA parenting:

My favorite AA short story collection: Yellow by Don Lee.

My favorite autobiography by an Alpha Asian: Yellow Green Beret: Stories of an Asian American Stumbling Around U.S. Army Special Forces

Interview with Veteran Green Beret Chester Wong

I was so impressed with Gene Yu's book Yellow Green Beret that I wanted to do a podcast interview with him. As far as Asian American books from the male perspective, I would consider this one of my top three. Definitely give this book a read if you get a chance.

In this interview, Gene and I talk about Asians at West Point, military life (and party life) in Korea, overthrowing enemy governments, the history of the Green Berets and Robin Sage (the ultimate military role playing game).

Book Review: Yellow Green Beret

I just finished up a book titled Yellow Green Beret by Gene Yu. This guy's a true Alpha Asian, in every sense of the word. Gene served as an Army Special Forces officer. He served in 4 combat tours in Iraq and the Philippines, working extensively throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East in special ops missions. He received several medals for his accomplishments, including 2 Bronze Stars.

Gene decided to write a book about his experiences, all the way from his time at Westpoint in 1997 to the Iraq War in 2009.  It's a compilation of 23 episodes from his military life, some of them quite humorous, some of them profound life lessons. All of the stories provide the reader with an inside look at Army Special Forces Operations and the intense training that's involved.  You learn a lot about the war in Iraq, hazing at Westpoint, sniper school and scenario based training

And yet, this guy doesn't take himself too seriously.  He doesn't come off as a super soldier dev…

Don't Be Afraid Of Hitting Life's Reset Button

I'm hitting the reset button...

I'm packing up and moving to a spankin' new city in a week =) That means starting all over. No family, no social circle, no real connections other than one of the other Perfect Asian Dudes.

It's a bitter sweet feeling leaving everything behind since I have everything I could possibly need here. My loving family, a great social circle, a city full of girls. I have it good where I am...I'm comfortable.

A little too comfortable...and that's exactly the problem.

Many of us yearn to find peace and comfort. We go on a journey to find a city we can fall in love with, with a person we're in love with, kick our feet up, and live out our lives. It's forgivable if you're at that age and have a family to take care of. But to me, comfort equals boredom. Comfort means you aren't growing. the opposite of adventure =)

Before Tiger Mom, Before Paper Tigers

Thanks to AMR for this blast from the past.