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Serious Mass Gains

Hello Coach,

You already answered me twice and on your blog. In the past I was on a fat loss plan. Now since I'm back from vacation and my beach season is over I'm looking to pack on some serious mass again.

I read all your articles, and I also have your book. I would like to know where I should start!! I'm very interested by your Body Contract System 2.0, Supercharging H.I.T., the 6 Factors workout from  Strength and Physique, Volume One and the Shotgun Method. I can train 3 to 4 days a week.

Some of your workouts are 2 weeks of high intensity followed by some backcycling. Could you help me set up my plan? By the way some info, I'm 6 feet tall and about 192 right now. Goal is to hit 210 and some small fat gain is acceptable. I wanna pack some mass until December. As for the diet it will be based on the following:

eggsbaconmeatscheesewhole milkpastapeanut butternutsCytogainerMuscle Milk
As usual: a big thank you!


My Answer: Your diet looks solid, so go with wha…