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One Program at a Time

Q: After completing the post-exhaust workout for about 4 weeks, I decided to try something on my own.  Tell me what you think:

Day 1
DB chest press 10,8,6,15 superset with DB flyes 10,8,6,15

Pullups-10,8,6,15 Stiff arm pulldowns-10,8,6 15
Drag curl-10,8,6,15 Zottman curl-10,8,6,15 Skullcrushers-10,8,6,15 Overhead extension-10,8,6,15

Day 2
Shoulder press-10,8,6,15 Leg press-10,8,6,15 Sissy squat-10,8,6,15 Leg curl-10,8,6,15 Calf raises-10,8,6,15

Day 3
Decline DB press-10,8,6,15 Decline flyes-10,6,15 Stiff arm pulldown-10,8,6,15 Close grip pulldown-10,8,6,15 Incline DB curl-10,8,6,15 Lying cable curl-10,8,6,15 Dips-10,8,6.15 Skull crusher-10,8,6,15

Day 4
Arnold press-10,8,6,15 Front squat-10,8,6,15 Leg extension-10,8,6,15 Stiff legged deadlift-10,8,6,15 Calf raises-10,8,6,15

My Answer:  It just looks like you mish-mashed the 10-8-6-15 program with the post-exhaust program.  You just finished up the post-exhaust routine, so you're not going to gain by doing the same program in a different form.

I am very explicit i…

Power of 4

Here is a quick, but very useful tip. I call it "the Power of 4." What I've noticed over the years is that 4 sets is a nexus within the set continuum. If you're wondering what set total works best, then 4 is not necessarily the best choice, but a solid choice. Four sets works well no matter if you're using high reps, low reps or a combination of both.

For example, 4 sets of 8-12 reps is a solid approach for higher reps. But at the same time 4 sets of 4-6 reps provides the minimum amount of repeated effort to hypertrophy the fast-twitch muscle fibers.

All things being equal, however, a varying set total from workout to workout is far superior to a fixed number of sets. But if you suffer from OCD and you need a crutch, then tap into the Power of 4.

Strength training for women

I get asked if I train women. I certainly do train women, and in fact, my very best client happens to be a woman who gets asked all sorts of things at the gym:

"How long did it take for you to get that rockin' bod?"

"What exercise does that work?"

"How'd you learn to do pull-ups?"

Strength training for women involves the same training parameters for fat loss, but with slightly different exercises. In other words, if they're looking to lose fat and get toned, then they will follow the same set, rep and exercise sequencing a guy would follow on a fat loss program. The only difference would be the exercise selection, since women are looking to develop and/or minimize body parts different from men.

For example, men generally are looking to develop one of these body types: V-taper (classical bodybuilder), a T-shape (fitness model), an X-type (modern bodybuilder) or an A-type (athletic). Women, on the other hand, generally look to keep an hour gla…

Eliminate Cravings

"I'm having lots of problems losing weight. I love to exercise and do jiu-jitsu, but the problem is that I love to eat. I've tried as you suggested eating animal proteins and lots of greens, but I end up eating too much of that stuff and eventually lead to eating carbs. What are your suggestions for modifying my taste? I've tried for years to lose weight by eating less and have been succesful on few occasions, but I eventually end up gaining the weight back very quickly usually through eating things like chips and fries."

Thank you,

My Answer: How to eliminate cravings, you ask? That is always going to be a problem. Frankly, there is no clear cut solution. If there was, then we wouldn't have so many people choosing to eat crap all the time.

The thing is that we all have these cravings for high calorie foods, because it's part of our evolutionary biology. Our ancestors hunted and gathered their food, and because they ate wild animals, the meat was natura…