Badass Alpha Asians from History

I find that most Asian Americans have no knowledge of history.  The history they are taught is the history of Western civilization, and when they do learn of Asian histories, they only learn of how Asia got colonized by European powers.

I'm a bit of a history buff, and I've always had a fascination of with historical badasses of all cultures.  When most people think of an Asian badass from history, they think Genghis Khan and that's it.

But there were a lot of Asian badasses in history. A funny and educational site on badasses is BadAss of the Week.  On this site blogger Ben Thompson lists badasses from history, the modern era and fiction.

Here are some notable historical Asian badasses from the badass site:

Koxinga, Pirate King of Taiwan

Kim Yushin

Tran Hung Dao

Date Masamune, the One Eyed Dragon

Yue Fei

Lapu Lapu

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