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Building Muscle through Calisthenics

In this video essay, I talk about body weight exercises and how to build muscle from calisthenics:

Here are the show notes:

I’m not sure what it is, but there’s a fascination with body weight only programs.  It’s the number one search topic on my Strength and Physique blog, and I know many personal trainers have their own body weight only programs.

I don’t think it’s the cost factor (calisthenics can be done without equipment), because I’ve seen people do just body weight exercises at the gym.  Which is ridiculous, because why do calisthenics at the gym when you can do them anywhere for free?

Not only is there a lot interest in body weight only programs, but there’s a lot of interest in building muscular bulk through body weight only programs.  Can you build muscle mass on just calisthenics?

Yes.  But the road to muscle mass is long and narrower on a calisthenics program.  Wanting to build muscular bulk on just body weight exercises is like wanting to go to Vegas by bicycling there in…

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Stephanie Foo tells a story about dating online that is unlike any we've ever heard before.

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