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Building up Size and Strength in the Legs

Q: I'm kind of a small figure, typical Asian at 5'6". I was born with clubbed feet and needed surgery to reverse them and restore functionality. However, due to this I was never that into weight lifting, because

1) I was always socially afraid I wouldn't be accepted, because I had skinny legs due to the surgery and
2) My legs obviously aren't the strongest after going through the surgery.

I still wrestled and played football. I wrestled my weight class and had a fun time. I'm in college now, and everyone just seems stronger and bigger. I'm small and skinny, and I want to be sort of big, just not tiny.

I have problems with depression, and I really think exercising and weight lifting and improving on that aspect of my life will help me tremendously mentally. I've always been told by my doctors to exercise, and now I have the motivation to start.

I was wondering if you could give me any tips or exercises I could do for my skinny legs that aren't str…

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