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The San Gabriel Valley

The San Gabriel Valley is just like any other suburb in America. Life revolves around family and school; the social fabric is woven over cheap eats at the mall. But unlike most suburbs in America, the San Gabriel Valley is home to the largest Chinese diaspora in the country. In fact, eight of the region’s cities are majority Asian. That makes the “SGV” one of the few places where being Asian American is the norm – but where there is no normal version of being Asian American.

Bad Asians

In this podcast comedians Imran G. and David Nguyen talk to special guest Lindsey Leong about growing up mixed race, the Asian hierarchy and Becky with the Bad Grades.

Fusang: The Chinese Who Built America

Here's an old but classic book on Chinese American history.  This awesome book is composed of three sections: The Chinese Who Discovered America, The Chinese Who Built America and The Chinese Who Became America.

In the first section (The Chinese Who Discovered American) author Stan Steiner includes a lot interesting information on how the Chinese came to explore the Americas before and after Columbus.

In the second section (The Chinese Who Built America) Steiner elaborates on the history of the Chinese in building the railroads and levees of the United States.

Here's an excerpt from the book comparing the Chinese Filipino community and the Chinese American community:

"The Spaniards... needed skilled professionals to conduct trade and to build ships, and so they recruited and hired thousands of Chinese, mostly from Canton. By 1586 there were said to be ten thousand Chinese in Manila alone. By 1600, after twelve thousand had been deported to China, it was said as many re…

Daniel Wu on his career as an actor and martial artist


What Do Foreigners Think Of Chinese Slangs?