108 Spirits

So here's a website with a congregation of people that I enjoy talking with: 108 Spirits. I like their attitude: no whiny self-indulgent woe-is-me introspection crap. No pseudo-intellectuals with rhetoric and ideological buzz words coming out of their mouths instead of original thought. Just Asian guys from all over the world who talk and act like men: direct, to the point, unpretentious and unconcerned with shit that don't matter.

To illustrate, here's a post at their forum by an Aussie Asian:

"Personally I don't really care about negative media images. I turn the TV off, problem solved! What I care about is inspiring more Asian men to become fearless and passionate, free to express their sexuality and exude a strong presence wherever they go. What I recommend to Asian guys who haven't got their woman problems under control:

- Get your arse to the gym,
pump some iron, baby!
- Eat more beef!!! Put that friggin' soy milk down and don't eat tofu!
- You don't want to look like a nerd? Well if you look like you can kick arses and you're built like a fighting machine, it doesn't matter if you have thick glasses or funny eyes, the last thing people have in their minds will be that you're a nerd.

- Fix your fashion sense, one small thing at a time.
- Move out of your parents' place if you haven't done already. Pointless to "romantically connect" with women if you can't easily bring them home and "connect" the brain out of them.

- Join a competitive sports club or two. If you pick mixed sports, get on the crappy team - they have the hottest chicks. The good ones are full of lesbians.

- Get a hobby & build a social circle that has plenty of women in it,
so that you're always meeting new women. Instead of going out night after night, use that time & energy to build something that keeps on laying more golden eggs for you.

- Find out what's unique about yourself and STAND OUT like you're the biggest tool in the shed! Be Yourself and Fuckin' Flaunt It!

- Learn how to flirt, learn some verbal jiujitsu.
- Turn the fucking TV off so you can stop bitching about the media.
- Stop caring about whom Asian women are fucking, or whether they're on our side or not.

- Traditional Asian values. As someone who's very much into Asian history, literature and philosophy and who grew up in an Asian country, I reckon many Asians living overseas have a really fucked up view on what our cultural values and traditions really are. A lot of negative things about them are blamed on their 'traditional upbringing,' whereas I believe if they were of another race, it would be blamed on some individuals - i.e bad parenting or the lack of a good role model. I believe this is one of the core factors leading to their identity issues.
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