"Ask, and Ye Shall Receive" by Asian Female

My dad has never been shy of asking for things but ever since my mom passed away over a year ago, he has really embraced the concept of "Ask, and Ye Shall Receive". I would speculate that after having lost such a huge piece of his life, he has realized that everyone should take every opportunity to ask for what he/she wants. It's quite refreshing actually and it has strangely brought us closer together.

He has simple requests like picking up an extra bag of rice at Costco or making a purchase online but oddly, I get a good feeling inside just by being able to do something for him. It makes me feel like he is accepting of what I have to offer and approving of the person I've become. It's weird how expressing your wants can create a sense of openness but I guess that's what a healthy relationship should be - an open exchange of asking, giving and of course, appreciating.

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