Iron Man 2: John Cho as the Mandarin?!

Apparently these screwballs at Entertainment Weekly are trying to drive traffic to their site by spreading the rumor that John Cho will be cast as the Mandarin and Tommy Chong (?!) will play his father in Ironman 2.

So allow me to geek out for a second here: Fu Manchu stereotypes aside, Cho would make a horrible Mandarin. Obviously, they're not going to portray the Mandarin as the Ming-the-Merciless knock-off from the old Ironman issues (at least I hope not!). But they will probably portray one of the updated Mandarin incarnations, maybe the one where he's a corporate mogul hellbent on world domination. John Cho has too youthful a look to play that type of villian. Seriously, can you imagine Harold kicking Ironman's ass for an hour or two?

It's been a while since I've read comic books, but the last time I saw the Mandarin was in the X-men issue that Jim Lee drew. That was the classic masterpiece issue where Psylocke underwent the "Manchurian Candidate" brainwashing process. I'm sure that issue's worth thousands of dollars now.

OK, enough of my nerd relapse.
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