Is quality too much to ask for? by Asian Female

Being annoyed always makes me wanna blog...

So I recently got a slow cooker, thinking that this is going to make my meal planning MUCH easier. Since I'm not a chef by any definition, I rely on quality recipes. Well there's the problem! Now, Amazon is my favorite online shop -- buyer reviews, competitive pricing, selections galore -- but the problem is that I've been browsing through the reviews for nearly TWO HOURS now and I haven't placed one single item in my virtual shopping cart! Quite frankly, this is just irritating!! Every single-dingle cookbook I've read reviews on has some 1-rating comment about the product being a piece of crap. What the hell??! How can there be so many crappy products??! I just want a freaking quality cookbook!!

Hey, it's not just about a cookbook -- this is always the problem with everything... can't find a quality dentist, can't eat at a quality restaurant, can't watch a quality movie... I dunno... maybe it's me? Like I'm the common denominator? Maybe being a woman makes me hard to please? Maybe being Asian makes me set high standards? And maybe being both makes me expect the impossible?
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