Be Effective and Popularity Will Come

Big WoWo has a post on Being Effective, Not Popular. I've never been one to follow convention. I like doing things my way, and I don't give a crap on whether or not it's normal or if I'm doing it the way it's supposed to be done. All I care about is:

1) Do I like doing it?
2) Is it effective and productive?

When it comes to blogging or any other endeavor you undertake, if you are effective, then the popularity will come. People recognize talent, and they recognize B.S. If you are dishonest with yourself, then your readers will smell it.

Most bloggers try to define success by the number of readers they have. They stress quantity over quality. But it is much better to redefine success by the quality of readers as opposed to quantity. Who cares if you have a 100,000 readers a day if most of them never care to visit your blog again? If that's the case, then what you said obviously didn't make an impression on them.

The key to writing a successful blog is to write for an audience of one, namely YOU. If you write for yourself, then others who are like you will find you. It is better to have a small cult following than for you to follow the fickle masses of the Internet.

If you noticed, I don't write about conventional Asian American issues, because everybody else in the AA blogosphere writes about that stuff. How many times do we have to read about interracial dating and white guys banging Asian chicks? For an Asian American blogger, that's an easy kill, because AF/WM is such an incendiary topic. I don't mind writing about it, but only if I'm adding something new to the discussion that hasn't been said before.

As a blogger you have to respect your audience, and that means you don't dumb things down for them. You have to hold your audience to a higher standard. Talk to your audience as if they've already done their homework and know certain basic things. If you do this, then you will attract a higher quality of readership. In essence, you will influence the influencers.

When I write the Alpha Asian blog, I write not with the intent to be popular, but to be effective in bringing more hope, confidence and charisma to the Asian American presence on the Net.


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