Scare your Husband During Halloween: The Kate Gosselin Wig

Scare the hell out of your husbands and boyfriends, ladies! The Kate Gosselin wig, just in time for Halloween!

Well, I saw the new episode of Jon and Kate last night. As soon as Kate snapped at Jon ("WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM JON?") and bossed him around in that condescending tone in front of other people, every viewer watching remembered why Jon left Kate. Jon has always been a good father. He's just a reckless dater, and I think people get those 2 things mixed up. Anyway, here's a comment I put on the Big WoWo blog some time ago about Jon and Kate:

"I know a lot of people are poo-pooing on Jon right now, but I say let him live his life. For the longest while, he let things happen to him. Kate was running the show and the relationship and the family and hence ruining, I mean, running his life.

"After they had the birth of their twins, Katie wanted more kids. Oprah asked Jon if he also wanted to have more kids and he really didn’t want to. But he let Kate run their relationship and gave the reins to her, and they ended up with 6 more kids! He was a father of eight by 27. Jon and Kate were married when he was 22.

"During the whole series, Jon did not speak up against Kate with the exception of a few occasions. Now Jon wants to live his life the way he wants to, to make up for lost time and to date who he wants to date. He’s been controlled by Kate for so long that he doesn’t give a crap about what people think anymore.

"You can see that in a certain sense, now that he’s no longer married, he’s regressed. He’s no longer the sweater wearing dad driving a mini-van. Jon looks like he’s gone through a PUA bootcamp.

"I think most people who go through a divorce regress, because they’re now back at stage one: being single. Divorce is just a chance to start over again, and that’s what Jon’s doing."
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