The Alpha Asian is One Year Old

I didn't even realize this until today, but the Alpha Asian blog is one year old. Wow! Who knew that I'd be keeping this thing going for this long? When I set out to write this blog, I didn't have any delusions of grandeur. I didn't think I would make money off of this blog or even gain much of a readership. But what I did want was to create a blog that aggregated positive energy, energy that inspires Asian Americans to follow their bliss. I think in a way I've made my mark, because other bloggers are starting to do the same thing.

One year and I posted about 215 entries with the help of talented Asian Americans on the web. That's a lot of stuff that can get buried over time, so I decided to categorize the more popular posts into select categories:

Alpha Asians- If you want to be inspired by real life Alpha Asians who are doing their own thing and kicking ass, then check out some of these videos and interviews.

Asian Americans- History, activism and community.

Comedy- Want to aggregate positive energy by laughing your ass off? Then this category of posts is for you.

Dating- You won't find me bitching about AF/WM pairings in this category, but you'll find some stuff on attraction psychology.

Diet- Asians love to eat, but at least we eat healthy.

Exercise- Strength and bodybuilding for the Asian lifter.

Japanese videos- The Japanese are incredibly perverted, insane and funny as hell!

Movies- Check out these Asian American short films.

Music and Dance- Rock on, Alpha Asians!

Podcast- Podcast interviews with yours truly.

Psychology- A collection of my writings on how to live the Alpha Asian lifestyle.

Anyway, browse through the categories on the righthand side when you get a chance.

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