Alpha Asian New Years Resolutions for 2010

-by anna123

What are your New Years Resolutions for 2010? According to Wikipedia, a New Year's resolution is a "commitment to a project or behaviour, often a lifestyle change that is generally advantageous" made on New Years Day. As much as we all would like to achieve all the goals we set each each year, research has found that while 52% of people are confident of success with their goals, only 12% actually achieved their goals. (

There's numerous site on the internet offering suggestions on how to best maximise your potential in achieving you New Years Resolutions, but there are three themes that are common to all of them. These are;
1 Be Specific; The more specific and detailed the better.

2 Be Realistic; Achieveable and realistic goals set yourself up for success.

3 Be Accountable; Keep yourself accountable, and measure yourself against set goals.

As a young and determined Alpha Asian, yet to make my mark upon the world, there are many goals I have set to achieve this year. For a variety of personal and professional reasons the three main goals I will be achieving this year are;

1 Fluency in Korean and Mandarin. Langauge is not only words, it is also ideology and culture. Speaking multiple of langauges can not only open doors in your professional life, but can also open your heart to all the culture and social possibilities the world has to offer. As such, under the influence of insidious Kpop and the rising dominance of Mandarin as a business langauge I will achieve simple fluency and high school level vocab in Korean and Mandarin by the end of this year. Hopefully, the simple foundations set this year in both langauges will provide a strong base to build upon for more sophisticated langauge skills in both Korean and Mandarin into the future.

2 P Driving Licence. As a young person, gaining a Red P's driving licence symbolises independence, mobility and personal freedom. By next year I will be the proud owner of a Red P Driving Licence, which will hopefully then progress to the Green P and the Full licence in the coming years.

3 Aim for the HD's. At least two HD's (hopefully more) for my Uni results, the lowest acceptable standard will be D's. This means that in addition to performing to the highest standards academically, I must also massage the egos of my marking tutors and lecturers, and share with them my appreciation of their knowledge and publicly demonstrate my academic ability in front of them as well my peers. Pragmatically, that means participating in tutorial discussions more often with insightful contribution, and talking with my tutors after class to compliment their teaching style and teaching content.

These are my three Alpha Asian New Years Resolutions for 2010.

What are yours?
Dont be shy now!! comment them below, according to research, stating them publicly can help you achieve them!

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