An Aside: The Internet and the Fundamental Nature of Information Dissemination

The internet is, in its own way, an amazing and revolutionary medium for communication.

But it does have its own set of drawbacks - the principle 'trap' being that it is still an 'active' viewing experience for the average, uninterested viewer/audience.

How is this bad, you say? Many people claim that they want an active 'online experience'. But people forget that this applies only if the audience in question desires to be presented with the information, to begin with.

In two words, the key is initial interest.

Is it a cold lead, or a warm/hot lead?

For example, a gear-head is going to be extremely receptive to an interactive automotive website. But for him to even bother looking at a site about Asian-Americans, the experience had better be as passive as possible - yet as attention-grabbing and emotionally engaging as possible - for it to even register as a blip on his radar.

Unfortunately for us, Asian-American male issues aren't exactly a mainstream 'hot topic' that commands nearly the same public outcry/attention as say, some racially-motivated attack on a black individual. That's just the place we are at in this game, and we have to find a way around it if we are to succeed.

And to add insult to injury, we're dealing with a generation of people who have quite possibly attained the lowest attention-spans ever measured - therefore it is critical to ensure that the information is calibrated to a level of 'pre-digested mush' for the average, uninterested person to even take notice of issues related to Asian-American men.

There are, granted, many Americans who aren't quite so brainwashed or desensitized to the point of catatonic stupidity.

But with any Bell Curve there are distribution patterns that stay as true as gravity on Earth - the iron-clad rule is that one attains influence by controlling the minds of the masses. As undemocratic and directly contradictory that is to the basic civic premises of these United States, that is precisely what those bigwig a-holes at FOX News and Hollywood have done.

So now the real question becomes: how do we start doing it ourselves, given this limited stage called the Internet?


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