The Future is Interactive

In a previous post I commented on how the Internet gives us the power to control our reality. The opportunity is always there, you just have to seize it. If you have the time and money to create the images you want to make, then do it like Jennifer Thym, director and producer of the web series Lumina:

She makes a valid point which I've always advocated: find a way to get your movie out there or make one. Screw asking for permission from a studio or asking for validation from a film festival. People have been brainwashed into thinking that qualities movies can only be produced by Hollywood studios or that books should be published by Simon and Schuster or that only newspapers and TV and radio news shows can provide legitimate news stories and opinions.

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!

Look at the heaping pile of racist garbage that Hollywood has produced over the years. Look at all the books that espouse the same fucking viewpoints over and over. Look at how journalism has degraded into sensationalism and fear mongering.

The Internet is the most direct medium to the people. You present your product or movie or article to viewers, and it either resonates with them or it doesn't. There are flaws to the Internet, and like all things, those flaws are human. The Internet is great, because anybody with enough drive and focus can put a movie out there. The Internet is bad, because any idiot can put a movie out there.

But what the Internet allows for is interaction between content producer and viewer. This interaction blurs the roles of producer and viewer, if the users direct the focus of the content. The producer and viewer can be one and the same, as evidenced by the latest Gunnarolla clip:

We're in an age where user generated content makes up at least half of all the content on the Internet. What drives user generated content is the interaction between producer and reader. This is why you the reader will vote on what Asian American causes will receive the profit from sales of The Alpha Asian Mindset. Causes will change every so often, so take the time to research the causes and vote on the poll on the side.

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