Love Pearls-A Story of Discovery-Part 1 by anna123


In ZhongWen they are called RuZhu. In Talgalog, Balitas. The Hangulmal name is Chagan, while
Japanese and Thais call them TanCho Balls and Fang Muk respectively. Among English speaking Azns theyre euphemistically called Love Pearls, or Dragon Beads.

So what exactly are RuZhu's, Balitas, Fang Muk's, Love Pearls, Chagan and Tancho Balls anyway? If youre an Alpha Asian with little or no idea what these terms mean, then read on to discover a world of opportunity you might never have known existed!!

The Discovery

It all started when I was 17 years old. My godsister at the time was dating a man, lets just call him Vu.

"So Vu's got Dragon Beads" she told me one day.

"What are Dragon Beads?" i asked, ignorant.

"You know, Love Pearls" she explained.

Not wanting to seem the ignorant oaf that I was, I replied "Ohhh, you mean Love Pearls? yeah my ex had those as well" She gave me a knowing look. "So how were they?" she asked. At this point in the conversation, I was thinking "WTF are Love Pearls?" Frantically i searched i mind for all the associations i could think of, and the wheels in my mind started to turn...

"...Love pearls, love pearls...hmmm......well theyre also called Dragon Beads....maybe theyre some kind of lucky charm or something symbolic like Buddha Beads......yeah, they must be like Buddha Beads"

Confident that they must be some kind of bead bracelet symbolising Strength or Love, I replied;

"Oh they were great, yeah, really nice, I was thinking about getting some too..."

She looked at me strangely for a moment, quiet, then suddenly burst out laughing;

"Hahaha! really? yeah you should get them hahahaha! maybe we can get them together hahahaha!!"

Not wanting to seem the fool, I laughed along with her, however inside my mind, her reaction only made me more confused. Later I relayed the story to some guy friends and earnestly asked them to explain what "Dragon Beads" and "Love Pearls" were.

"Theyre little balls you put in your penis!!

"What, inside your penis?"

"No, just under the skin, you know, so that its better for the girl when you make love!!" they explained between fits of laughter. "Oooohhh, okay" I said. Sigh. That explained my Godsisters laughter.

Later I had the chance to speak to both Vu and his best mate Chang ( who also had "Love Pearls") at length about their "Love Pearls" (or "Dragon Beads"as they liked to call them) and they generously shared their accumulated Love Pearl knowledge and narratives.

For the interests of humanity and Alpha Asians worldwide, the following series of posts will share this knowledge so that all can access this information and partake in the joys of "Love Pearls".

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