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So I recently did an interview with Will from Better Asian Man. We discussed The Alpha Asian Mindset, and Will had this to say:

"James, I just finished your book, and I gotta say that I really enjoyed it. At a couple of points in the book I had to stop to take action, because you drilled it in so many times. Here are the things I put the book down to do while I was reading it:

1. Logged on to my library on-line account to place a hold on Refuse to Choose
2. Create a new Google doc entitled "Alpha Asian 3-5 Method," where I outlined my 5 long term goals, and my 5 tactical goals
3. Open my weight lifting journal and plan out a new new strategy based on your recommendations and principles in Chapter 8

I just got so juiced up by reading your book, that at those points in time I literally said to myself, "I gotta do this right now," and I put your book down, took care of that item and then picked it back up to read some more."

Will, has an interesting background, because he was one of the founders of the now defunct Fallout Central, an Asian American empowerment site that had regular podcasts on Asian American issues. As far as Internet activists, Will and his compadres at Fallout Central have contributed more to the Asian American community than anybody, ever. Here's Will in a 2008 interview with Min Jin Lee, author of Free Food for Millionaires:

Since Fallout Central Will's done a 180 and is into the pick up artist (PUA) scene with Better Asian Man, although he really hates being called a PUA. Will does weekly podcasts where he provides dating advice. Here's Will doing the Better Asian Man podcast about one year ago:

In a way, Will's story is similar to Neil Strauss' story in the book The Game. I think Hollywood is looking to make a movie of Neil Strauss' book and have Jack Black star in it.

PUA's live a rather fascinating subculture. If you've seen VH1's The Pickup Artist, then you know what I mean. People are quick to dismiss their strategies and techniques, but there's a lot of evolutionary psychology involved. Frankly, the stuff works much better than no game plan at all and relying on vague general advice like "Just be yourself."

Just for kicks, a friend and I attended a PUA meet-up, not having ever attended a bootcamp or read a PUA book other than The Game (which is not a PUA manual, but an autobiography). It was almost as if we were cultural anthropologists, looking to infiltrate a secret society. And in fact, it really is an underground subculture. They exchange seduction techniques online, but also get together in person and help each other out in clubs as wingmen.

Anyway, if you've got an analytical mind that's great for computers and engineering but turns you into a social retard with women, then a good book to read is The Mystery Method. It's a very dense read, but it gives you a game plan for attracting women and developing chemistry.

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