A Perspective On "The Key Is To Emotionally Involve Others-But How?" by anna123

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On "The Key Is To Emotionally Involve Others-But How?"

Everyones got their own ideas, that what they believe is the best way. I agree with AMR that the most effective and long lasting change has always been inclusive. Good leadership is inclusive, and power is effectively demonstrated when people who don't have anything to gain are believing in your message (like Asians believing in white Hollywood propaganda). For Alpha Asians, I think there seems to be two ways to convert apathetic Asians and whites/non-Asians to our side: culture and increased population.

Increased Population

Asians need to increase our population numbers in the West so that we become the statistical norm, or at least reach high enough numbers to reach critical mass and affect tipping points across sections of society.
More people = more power.

I believe this is one reason whites still have so much power in Western societies. White privilege is entrenched and institutionalised, because they have the numbers to create and enforce their white cultural values on everyone else. This Asian population increase in the West can happen in two ways:

1) AA's procreating within the AA community or
2) Increased emmigration of Asians to the West from Asia. Since AA's have among the lowest birthrates out of all ethnic groups in the West, then Asian immigration from Asia seems like the most pragmatic option. I agree with Frank Chin's perception on why this is the case in terms of cultural force. Add to this the intersection of economics and class, as wealthier and more educated people have less children.


According to Benedict Anderson, culture is what constructs a community as a nation. Ultimately, the Azn community and identity has to be socially constructed by AAs themselves, not the orientalising white mainstream. Without the shared narratives, heroes, and values of a socially constructed Azn Nation, how can effective Azn identity politics develop to serve the interests of the Azn community in the West?

These shared narratives, heroes, and values all contribute to creating an imagined community that just by its very existence is both political and social. This intersects with Frank Chin's perspective on the existence of an AA identity as a cultural and social force that simultaneously serves the interests of the AA community while attacking the hegemony of the white mainstream at the same time.

A strong, vibrant Azn culture creates the imagined community of the socially constructed Azn nation, where its members hold an affinity to other members due to shared cultural narratives, values, heroes and experiences as Azns in the West. Regardless of the class differences that may exist among cohorts of a society, a nation is always conceived as a deep comradeship based on shared cultural values. The production of cultural artifacts such as films, music, print and mass media products are important in the creation of the Azn community (as ultimately an imagined community), because it influences the hearts and minds of the people. It creates in their minds a mental image of their affinity with other individuals who also happen to be Azn. This affinity to each other creates the social and cultural force that serves the social, political and economic interests of Azns in the West. This also affects an increased Asian population, where Asians are socially protected and empowered to be able to feel sexually attracted to each other, which also impacts on culture.

How to Pragmatically Achieve Increased Population and Culture
As individuals, the choices we make can combine with the choices of others that together add up to make a difference.
Increased Population
1)Use you vote to support political candidates who support increased Asian immigration. If you work in government/immigration/DFA/or policy, then try to subtly represent the socio-political interests of your own people.
2)Make love and help produce beautiful Asian babies!

Find your special someone and make love to them every night to have as many black haired black eyed children as you can. There's nothing more beautiful than being surrounded in your sunset-years by a loving family of children and grandchildren. As an individual, you are intimately procreating with the person you love, experiencing intense physical pleasure and creating a loving family that will support and take care of you in your old age. In the context of the Azn population in the West, however, you are helping to increase our numbers by planting the seeds of those who will be a part of the critical mass that will change the ultimate destiny of the Azn community in the west.


Support AA's in the arts. Buy their goods and services. Instead of downloading or using BitTorrent to get the latest movie starring Azns who represent. Go out and buy it legitimately. If you see a great AA crew on ABDC, spend the 50 cents on the phone call and vote them up. If there's a hot Azn artist playing in your area who you like, buy a ticket and watch them live.

Not saying you should support them just because they're Azn, but if you like them for what their offering, then why the hell not? You get to see them play live and probably get to network, and meet other cool people who share your passion for the band and that genre of music. As an individual, you are spending a few dollars supporting a cool band/film. But in the context of representation of Azns in the arts, you are contributing to the creation of the imagined community of the Azn nation, and the development of Azn identity as a socio-cultural force which serves the interests of the AA community and attacks the hegemony of the white mainstream at the same time.

Concluding Remarks

"In other words, how does one incite EMPATHY in others, so that they feel emotionally involved and engaged with our struggle? The premise of such an enterprise is that a 'emotionally participatory experience' like that might motivate more of them to support us and to show solidarity for our cause. We absolutely must create a common thread with those who are not Asian and male in order for our voice to have some clout."

Higher populations of Asians and a stronger more vibrant culture will strengthen the Azn community in the West. A stronger Azn community will incite empathy among outsiders, because our size and power will force them to take our interests into account. They will have an economic and social interest in reaching a consensus with the Azn community.

If we want to be respected and listened to, then we have to make ourselves stronger. Azns must take care of their base first, outsiders come later. Instead of trying to work out ways to persuade non-Asians to listen to us, we instead must work on ourselves to become stronger so that non-Asians will have no choice BUT to listen to us.

We must build up the Azn community through increased population and a stronger culture. We cannot rely on the empathy of non-Asians to ensure the advancement of economic and political interests of the Azn community in Western societies. We have to take personal responsibility and do it ourselves, because no one else is going to do it for us!


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