Rock on, Lil' Alpha Asian!

Three year old Howard Wong

With all of these Asian kids popping up on YouTube with kick ass music and dance talents, I can't help but think that some of these parents are living their dreams of being a rock star through their kids. Very different parenting from the stereotypical Asian parenting that I grew up with that pushed us towards math and science, playing the piano or violin and becoming doctors or engineers.

My daughter is now one month old. My wife and I have talked about not raising our child to be an Asian Robot. My wife has always had an adverse reaction to nerds, and she doesn't want our daughter to be one. She wants our child to be well-rounded: smart, beautiful, stylish, confident, talented and kind to others (who deserve it).

Of course, I feel this way too, but I can't help but think that we might overreact to the Asian Robot Syndrome and create an underachieving wild child. Part of me is thinking, "Are we going to set the bar too low for our kid?"

This is just me talking out my thoughts and concerns, of course. Bottom line is I'm going to raise my daughter as best I can with my wife.

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