The White Man Squat? by Mojo Rider

I've been pretty busy of late with work but it's slowing down some and the ideas I had for more serious posts got too muddled for me to put anything coherent together. But I saw something amusing the other day so I thought I'd post something light.

On occasion, I'd hear somebody make fun of FOB's and I'd hear something like, "Yeah, you can always tell who they are because they're the ones doing the Asian squat at the bus stops!"

And then the other day, commuting into the city, I see this white guy at the bus stop. And he's doing....the Asian squat! This is in one of those transitional neighborhoods, where you see some gentrification, you see some urban hipsters around. These hipsters seem to be conscious about using public transportation and eschewing the use of cars until they have to. But the last thing I expected to see was a white guy doing the Asian squat!

For the uninitiated, it looks like you're trying to take a dump by the side of the road or something. You're in a squatting position, like a baseball catcher in a low stance. But you know, the FOB's might have the last laugh. Because all the folks making fun of them for squatting while waiting for the bus have learned that it's actually easier on your back than standing upright for long periods of time. And maybe that guy I drove past discovered that bit of wisdom as he waited for the city bus to arrive.

Surprisingly, while seeing what others have said about this cultural custom, it turns out there was a documentary made on this subject by Daniel Hsia! Other people have stated that it reduces stress and pain in the knees from standing upright for long periods of time. Who knew? I guess the FOBs did!


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