Little League World Series - Hawaii vs. Japan

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Well, I watched most of the game today. The kids from Waipahu, Hawaii lost a hard fought baseball game, 4-1, to the kids from Japan. Team Hawaii had played 5 games in 5 days, all elimination games and they had come back from deficits to win their games. Today, they ran out of gas.

I was pulling hard for the kids from Hawaii and I was thinking how funny it was for the kids from both teams to look across the field and see other kids who look just like them or very similar. Obviously, Hawaii has a big Asian population and one that is quite mixed. The team had a lot of Japanese-American kids or Polynesian kids and it was good to see them do well, they had a great tournament, so congratulations to them. I can only hope some of these talented kids can go on and pursue their athletic dreams and reach the highest levels of their potential if they so desire. They will be the next generation of Alpha Asians.

I have to admit, though, that ---especially in the '70's---, I always wanted the kids from Taiwan to beat all US teams in the little league world series final. It wasn't so much as being against the home team as it was shoving it in the face of a lot of people who are of the belief that Asian kids aren't athletic. And here we had these Taiwanese kids dominating and crushing the American teams in baseball throughout the 1970's.


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