The Road Never Ends....

I suppose all good things must come to an end. Our brother James, who has been the founder and torch bearer, has more important things to attend to in life and he has to move forward on his own journey. Let's hope he can come back on occasion with some interesting posts or comments to share, imparting his knowledge and wisdom from just living life.

I've been recruited to sort of be the torch bearer (thanks for the kind words, jaehwan and King!) but I have some reluctance to try and carry on in James' foot steps. I can't say I'd be much of a prolific blogger since my more prominent passions, time, and effort lie elsewhere in other pursuits. Honestly, I don't know how some of you bloggers out there can manage to keep posting worthy material for discussion and what not. Yet, I sort of hate to see this site slip away into the ether. It would be nice, though, if the burden to post fresh things did not rest with one person and if we can get other posts from the other contributors, that would help.


I'll try and post some things I find interesting. We need to keep stoking the flames of self-transformation, of sharing knowledge and wisdom, and highlighting the good work being done by Asian American males who have the Alpha qualities. We should be feeling good about seeing the accomplishments of such AA males and use them as inspiration to improve ourselves and live our lives the best that we can.

Above all, as James' intent has been all along, we need to focus on the positives. We all know about the other social dynamics that exist and in the spirit of James' focus, we should minimize the angst and sturm and drang those dynamics can ressurect.


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