Merry Christmas!

Well Merry Christmas, and to all you heathens out there, Happy Holidays!

Let me get straight to the point here: I'm going to start blogging and posting again here on the Alpha Asian. My situation hasn't changed. I'm still quite busy with work, family and hobbies. So I won't be blogging as often as I used to.

But I've discovered a few things recently that compel me to come back and blog.  I hate to sound vague, but I can't publicly disclose what these reasons are for my return after such a short hiatus.  Let's just say I'm pissed off.  If any of you are interested as to what is pushing me to jumpstart the Alpha Asian blog, then I will have a post on the Alpha Asian Facebook group (not the fan page) that will explain everything, since the group is private.

"Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."
-The Godfather, Part III

Also, good news!  If you're getting a Kindle this Christmas, then you can subscribe to the Alpha Asian for just $1.99 a month:

The Alpha Asian on Kindle

And no, this is not the reason why I am blogging again.

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