A Review of “Exposing the Myth Behind Why Asian Men Can’t Get White Women"

I received an email from The Asian Playboy asking that I review a podcast of his titled,

“Exposing the Myth Behind Why Asian Men Can’t Get White Women.”

Well, leave it to this controversial myth to pull me back into the Asian American (AA) blogosphere!  Instead of a podcast review, however, I see this as an opportunity to comment on young Asian male confidence (or lack thereof) in the dating game. 

The podcast features JT the Asian Playboy and Will the Better Asian Man, two dating coaches who run boot camps and workshops to help men with their game. They specialize in helping Asian men, but have clientele of various ethnicities.  JT told me that while the title of the podcast says "White Women," in practice, he and his associates encourage their students to date women of various ethnic backgrounds. JT stated that he chose the title to get your attention.

Say what you will about Asian pick-up artists (PUA).  I think there are a lot of young Asian men who need some formalized training to improve their ability to meet, attract and connect with women. 
Don't get me wrong: the vast majority of Asian men date around, have meaningful relationships and eventually get married.  But there seems to be a significant minority of Asian guys who lack confidence and don't romantically connect until much later in life.  It's these guys that could benefit from the training and guidance provided by guys like JT and Will.
In this podcast (which you can download for free at AsianPlayBoy.com), JT goes over the myth of why Asian men can't get white women.  He stresses that IT'S A MYTH, one that's perpetuated by false assumptions on the part of both Asian men and white women. 
Asian men think, "Oh boo-hoo!  Woe is me!  She's white, so she doesn't want to date an Asian guy.  I'm not worthy!"
White women think, "He's Asian, so I don't think he'd be attracted to a white woman like me.  I guess that's why he's not coming over."
Do you see a problem here?
People tend to talk themselves out of playing a game, because they think they can't win.  They would rather lose by not trying at all.  In the dating game, Asian men aren't being defeated by other men or by women.  Asian men are defeating themselves.  They would rather save face, be unhappy and bitch about the situation, because being a bitch is easier.
From what I can tell, it's not that hard to attract from women from various ethnicities, not just white or Asian.  Attraction is really quite easy.  But attraction is only the bottom rung of a ladder.  There seem to be a lot of good looking Asian guys who can attract women, but they lack the confidence to approach and romantically connect with them.  They don't capitalize on the many opportunities that life presents.

This is what JT and Will go over in their podcast: the mental cages Asian men put themselves in when it comes to dating and romance and the realization that these limiting beliefs, to a large extent, are self-imposed.
For example, JT answers the question, "Do white women not like Asian guys?"

Well his answer may surprise you.  Most white women are actually neutral to the idea of dating Asian men.  It's really how a man (regardless of race) carries and presents himself that attracts women (of any race).  There are PLENTY of non-Asian women who are attracted to Asian men, and to illustrate this, JT relates some of the comments and mail he's gotten from white women in his dealings as a dating coach.

So why do we have this belief that Asian men can't romantically connect with non-Asian women?  In the podcast, JT points to a couple of possible reasons:
  1. Lack of initiative on the part of Asian men.
  2. As a whole, Asian men weren't taught by their fathers or peers on how to attract, approach and flirt with women.
Regardless of the reasons, JT and Will advocate that as a whole, young Asian men should improve their game, and in their podcast they provide the beginning steps for Asian men to take.  The podcast itself is far from a complete roadmap to success with women, but it does point you in the right direction.

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