White People Like to Do Yellowface

So I got an email from a reader about a club event in St. Louis called UCD!! Shanghai Showdown!. Here's what he said:

hi i am writing to you about a party that is being hosted in st louis at a night club that i feel is extremely culturally insensitive and racist. i have been trying to educate the people on facebook, but they have taken down every link i have posted and reported me to facebook for harassment. i plan on protesting at the club on friday night and was wondering if u can help me at all

the link to the event page on facebook is

UCD!! Shanghai Showdown!

and a quote from the event if u can not see it is:

"...The theme for this party is SHANGHAI SHOWDOWN, so get creative and bust out your best asian themed costumes to get your discounted admission before 12! Think geisha, ninjas, samurai, dragons, koi, pandas, or even a giant takeout box! Remember: When you dress up, you're not just at the party; you're a part of it!"

this is a 97% caucasion club that has thrown a party in the past called cinco de massacre in which they dressed up like mexican stereotypes

Yes, white folks do love to do the Yellowface, don't they? As well as Blackface, Redface and apparently Brownface. Way to go St. Louis: YOU SUCK!

Everybody go to their Facebook link and tell these racist fucktards they can go to hell.

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